UK Lockdown Grocery Shopper Survey 


A survey of UK grocery shoppers during Week 3 of Lockdown by mobile app Shopmium, found shoppers are looking for value and inspiration from brands right now. The survey also found that that the vast majority of UK shoppers (85%) DO NOT anticipate using online grocery services more once “Social Distancing” measures are lifted.


The survey, completed by a cross-section of over 1,300 UK grocery shoppers between 9th April and 14th April showed that UK shopping budgets were being squeezed;

  • 36% of shoppers claim that they have less disposable income since the start of “Lockdown”
  • 66% of shoppers are looking for ways to save money during the crisis
  • 87% would like to see more value from grocery brands

Despite that, consumers are still keen to hear from brands with over half saying that they want brands to provide Inspiration and Ideas to try at home. There is also still an appetite amongst consumers to discover and try new products (97%), with over one-third (36%) who have both tried and plan to repurchase a food or drink product that they hadn’t bought before:

  • 52% want grocery brands to help provide Inspiration and Ideas to try at home
  • 97% are still keen in discovering & trying new products during this time
  • 36% of shoppers have both tried and plan to buy again a food or drink product that they hadn’t bought before.


It seems the majority of shoppers are adhering to the UK government advice, as 53% have only visited a supermarket ONCE or NOT AT ALL in the last 7 days. And 30% say they have done grocery shopping only TWICE in that period.

  • 70% of those surveyed were shopping for 3 or more people


77% of shoppers had shopped “in-store” in the last 7 days, with only 22% having used a delivery or click & collect services.

Contrary to popular belief, only 15% of shoppers anticipate that they will use online delivery or click & collect services more after social distancing measures are lifted with the vast majority saying that they believe their habits will return to normal.


The majority of UK shoppers (52%) say that Keeping Healthy is one of the biggest challenges at home with a further 42% claiming that finding inspiration for things to do was also very challenging. 

A whopping 71% say that they are using their mobile more than before Lockdown, with understandably 78% saying they are spending more time on social media but 40% spending more time related to shopping through mobile and 25% spending more time looking at Blogs & recipe content.

When it comes to Recipe content, consumers want:

  • Quick & Easy Meals – 68%
  • Healthy Recipes – 63%
  • Baking Recipes – 50%

Shopmium’s UK Head, Stuart Sankey, says

“As we get used to our new norm in “Lockdown”, it’s clear to see that shopping in-store remains and will continue to remain prominent, but there is also an important role for FMCG brands to play in addition to providing value at a time of need and that is continuing to inspire and innovate. It’s a tremendous opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and shoppers and start to build a long-lasting relationship.”

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The Survey

The survey was conducted online amongst an unbiased cross-section of UK Shopmium users between 9th and 14th April 2020 (Week 3 of “UK Lockdown”). There were 1,354 survey respondents. The UK Shopmium user base is national, with geographical split in line with the national population split. Shopmium users are typically 73% female, with approx. 70% aged between 20 and 45 – primary household shoppers.

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