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Reach an engaged national audience

Combining media & promotions, Advertisers reach & engage our unique audience to drive awareness and trial, build loyalty and drive measurable sales.

Brand Building

Unique media opportunities to Increase awareness – Develop understanding – Drive word of mouth – Build brand equity. All designed to drive purchase intent.

Measurable Sales

Shopmium media is combined with exclusive promotions to drive measurable sales conversion in-store offline or online.

Data & Insights

Valuable media & sales performance statistics, providing consumer & shopper insights that includes product ratings & reviews.


Unique & exclusive channels to increase reach & visibility as part of a Shopmium campaign.

Exclusive opportunities to increase reach, awareness & performance as part of Shopmium campaigns. Offline and online opportunities include Social, Influencers, co-branded TV ads, co-branded Out-of-Home ads, Rating & Review Syndication and premium placement in-app.

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Brand Building & Sales Driving


Actionable media across 3rd party mobile websites and apps proven to drive measurable impact for advertisers by combining our unique data with high-quality, dynamic creative, targeting specific audiences and driving actions such as sales, footfall, traffic, dwell time, re-purchase & awareness.


Brands and retailers can easily distribute offers from their own digital platforms in “white-label” format either as part of loyalty or strategic 1st party data initiatives or to fulfil promotions that require proof of purchase.

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