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How did Shopmium assist Soreen to enhance brand consideration and increase product trial?



Soreen is a renowned brand known for its delicious and wholesome baked goods made with quality and natural ingredients.

Through a partnership with Shopmium, Soreen took advantage of the Coronation in-app event to achieve its goals of enhancing brand consideration and supporting product trials.

The solution

A 360° plan to reach shoppers across the path to purchase

Shopmium launched the activation plan in two waves: showcasing three products in the first wave and two products in the last one. To entice consumers to discover the products, a promotional offer of 50% was offered on any purchase of the product at retailers partners of the operation.

Besides, a brand channel was created within the application to enhance the visibility of all products during the user shopping experience. This approach supported Soreen in increasing the return on sales of their core products and it also helped for brand consideration into measurable trials.

A media plan to increase visibility

In order to achieve the brand’s objectives, a media plan was set-up. The activation was relayed via Instagram stories and posts, push notifications and newsletters sent to the entire audience. The activation was complemented by a carousel media.

The strategic use of carousel media ensured the brand’s complete visibility, leading to increased campaign exposure. This approach generated 2,7M impressions.

Positive insights

The campaign proved to be effective in reaching goals set by Soreen. Shopmium’s post-purchase questionnaire provided valuable insights, including specific consumer feedback on the product. In fact, 90% of consumers plan to buy the product again without a discount.  

2,7M impressions

– 90% repurchase intent

– 67% category earnings

And we got the results!




incremental sales


category earnings

What they think


Rachael Stone

Senior Shopper Marketing Manager

We had fantastic support from the Shopmium team; from scoping our campaign, to implementation and then a very comprehensive post campaign report. The survey insights were particularly useful in understanding key shopper motivations and have helped form future campaign strategies. I am looking forward to working with the Shopmium team again!

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