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How Brioche Pasquier worked with Shopmium to drive trial for their NPD : Strawberry PITCH

Brioche Pasquier


Since 1936, the French Family Brioche Pasquier has offered a range of Brioche, Pâtisserie and Biscotte using traditional recipes. Brioche Pasquier reached out to Shopmium to drive awareness, recruit new buyers and drive ROS on their NPD: Strawberry PITCH. 

The solution

A 360° plan including touch points across the path to purchase

A brand channel was set-up to showcase Strawberry PITCH and maximise visibility for the brand and product. To encourage trial and purchase, Brioche Pasquier delivered a promotional offer of 50p off during the first wave of the campaign. For the second wave a try for £1 offer was set-up to encourage repurchase and incremental footfall in stores. 

A media plan to increase visibility

To maximise the exposure of the campaign, Shopmium set up a communication plan to engage the right audience and maximise visibility through newsletters, push notifications and social media posts.

Positive insights

The campaign proved to be a success, meeting Brioche Pasquier’s goals and providing valuable insights on the product, via a post-purchase survey completed in the app by buyers. 34% of buyers were initially unaware of the brand, discovering it for the first time through the app and 83% of survey respondents expressed their intention to repurchase the product at full price. The product received really positive insights and an overall user rating of 4.56/5.



  • +3.8M impressions
  • 83% repurchase intent
  • 75% incremental sales

And we got the results!




repurchase intent


incremental sales

What they think


Fraser Capaldi

Client Marketing Executive Brioche Pasquier UK

“From creation to execution, Shopmium as a platform is a real gem and the representatives of the company really echo this too. The results from the campaign have really helped us to understand our audience better. Answering fundamental questions in an effective manner such as: What drives our consumers to purchase? What factors are key in return purchase? Shopmium have been attentive, insightful and helpful at every step of the journey and it was a pleasure to work with them and their team from start to finish.”

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