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How Shopmium helped Rubicon RAW drive awareness and recruit new shoppers for their products

Rubicon RAW


Rubicon RAW is an energy drink that helps you perform at your best. They collaborated with Shopmium with the aim of increasing awareness of Rubicon RAW and getting the product directly into the hands of consumers, therefore stimulating in-store sales.

The campaign was initially launched in Co-op focusing on single cans. However, following an appearance on The Martin Lewis Money Show and in line with 2023 planning, another campaign was put into action across all retailers. The objective was to offer free cans of Rubicon RAW as a means of attracting new customers.

The solution

A product valued throughout the shopping experience

A complete engagement strategy; covering every aspect of the user experience within the app, was developed to heighten the visibility of Rubicon RAW and draw in new customers. To generate interest in the 500ml cans, Shopmium introduced ‘try for free’ promotion. This incentive enticed consumers to sample Rubicon RAW offerings, initially in Co-op stores, before extending to all major retailers.

A media plan to increase visibility

Shopmium planned a 360° action plan to align with Rubicon RAW’s key objectives of improving brand awareness and encouraging product trials. To reinforce these objectives, Shopmium implemented a multi-faceted communications strategy that included a newsletter, social media posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook, complemented by push notifications. This holistic approach maximised the exposure of both campaigns.

Insight collection

The campaign turned out to be a success, effectively reaching the goals set by Rubicon RAW. Shopmium’s campaign evaluation report included valuable data for the brand including insights from the post-purchase survey, detailed consumer feedback on the products, sales split by retailer, and much more.

Significantly, 31% of consumers drink Rubicon RAW to stay hydrated and energised throughout the day, while 25% prefer to consume it at the start of their day. Taste and low sugar content were pinpointed as key determinants influencing energy drink purchases, echoing Rubicon RAW’s selling propositions.

Additionally, the products had a strong appeal to consumers, with 79% expressing their intent to repurchase even without a discount. Furthermore, Rubicon received an overall rating of 4.45.

5.6 M impressions

82% incremental sales

79% repurchase intent

And we got the results!




incremental sales


repurshase intent

What they think


Samantha Parrish

Shopper Marketing Manager Rubicon - AG Barr

“Our collaboration with the Shopmium team was great. They are proactive, aligned with our needs and provide good strategic advice. I appreciate their focus on driving the right marketing messages, such as our commitment to natural taste and 20% fruit content for Rubicon RAW. I’m interested to explore future opportunities with them, particularly in terms of re-engaging customers with our multi-packs. Overall, working with this team has been a truly positive experience.”

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