Consumer Pulse Survey September 2021 : Consumer view on Brand's eco-credentials 

Consumer Pulse Survey September 2021 : A Consumer view on Brand’s eco-credentials

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Some key findings

Discover the results of the latest UK Shopmium Consumer Pulse Survey conducted in September 2021 and giving an update on the latest shopping grocery trends and a deeper look at consumer views on the eco-credentials of an FMCG brand.

Climate change worries most people – 88% believe it’s a big issue

Consumers want less packaging, more recyclable packaging and more locally produced products

72% of consumers have already changed some shopping habits in a bid to reduce carbon footprint

Product & brand switching to low(er) carbon footprint products is set to grow from 44% to 80%

Consumer confidence in brand eco-credentials is low at 5.6 out of 10 feeling confident in what brands claim

1 consumer out of 2 will use the Eco-score to guide his purchasing decisions to more eco-friendly choices 


Stuart Sankey

Shopmium’s UK Head

Given 80% of consumers say they will change their purchasing habits to buy products that have a low carbon footprint; it's the brands and stores that take the initiative to overhaul their operations and ensure the goods they put out are truly sustainable, that will be the brands and shops of the future. The younger generation, in particular, will be seeking products that reduce their carbon footprint and if brands don’t meet their environmental expectations, we expect them to get left behind.


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