FMCG: Connecting with Consumers through the next phases of Covid-19 Response 

FMCG: connecting with consumers through the next phases of covid-19 response

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Social distancing measures are here to stay

Consumption & supermarket shopping is now pre-planned

Consumers want inspiration, ideas and content from brands

Household budgets will continue to get tighter

Finding the right themes and channels to communicate


Julien Thooris

VP Europe – Shopmium

Les marques de grande consommation ont fait preuve d’une grande adaptabilité face à un bouleversement majeur. L’impact du Covid-19 devrait être durable avec l’accélération de tendances déjà à l’œuvre. La crise pourrait également marquer un véritable virage digital, avec des investissement accrus dans une communication directe et ciblée pour créer du lien avec les consommateurs.

Louise Rival

Brand Manager - Galbani

Shopmium was a great tool to help us to activate our "Galbani Pasta Evenings" brand message, the goal was to promote our Parmesan and Ricotta Galbani ranges, through an Italian dish widely eaten in France: Pasta! The Shopmium campaign that we ran, combined with the Metro display media gave us the opportunity to have good visibility for the Galbani brand and our products.


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