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How Shopmium drove sales uplift and delivered against brand metrics for Bakers dog food using Shopper Network

Nestlé Purina


Bakers Dry Dog Food had re-formulated its product and wanted to drive awareness amongst targeted dog owners while comprehensively measuring the impact of that awareness and ad campaign on sales at Sainsbury’s, Asda & Morrisons.

The solution

Engaging mobile ad creative

Shopmium created and served a custom Mobile expandable ad unit that combined brand messaging & product imagery, HTML5 animation and Call to Actions (‘Shop Now’ and ‘Find Store’).

Purina bakers Success Story - Shopmium
Purina bakers Success Story - Shopmium

Targeted & optimised

The campaign was targeted at dog food shoppers and geo-fenced around the targeted stores, while continually being optimised to drive high than average clicks and engagements.


In addition to Shopmium’s own performance measurement, sales uplift was measured by IRI and product / brand metrics by KMB, providing the shopper and brand teams with a holistic view on performance.

Purina bakers Success Story - Shopmium

And we got the results!


Higher than average


Sales Uplift


Return on Investment


Unaided brand awareness

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